Oceania Fold

Oceania Fold

Ocean-inspired reversible silk head wrap

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This Fold is the only chemical-free method to transformation your hair, literally overnight. With two layers of pure buttery-smooth mulberry silk, this Fold helps hydrate, nourish and repair your hair while you rest. Now, you can wake up with effortlessly stunning hair every morning! 

Only available at Paradisefold®.

💛 Wake up energised with happy hydrated world-ready hair.
üíõ Wave goodbye to hair angst and overkill beauty routines.
💛 Fights frizz, dryness, thinning and breakage.
üíõ Improves the quality, look and feel of your hair.
💛 Beautiful buttery silk to wear in bed and on the go. 
🌎 Sustainable, carbon positive and handmade in London.
🌎 Free lifetime care and customisation.
🎁Free gift box, free shipping and easy 30-day returns!

Includes a block ocean-blue silk interior - reverse or style as a wrap and bandanna. 

“My hair looks so much better in the morning, which saves time having to style it!” - Allison

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Customer Reviews

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Hi Amy, thank you for your review! We are pleased to know that you find your Dali Fold stunning! Shanelle xx


I love it….my hair loves it and it stays on while I’m asleep.

Hi Katina, thank you for your review! We’re happy to hear that your hair loves the fold and also stays on at night! Shanelle xx

Rachel Wietelman
Absolutely the best!

I am one of those people who has a weirdly shaped head. I have tried a silk scarf, the children’s sized Buff, and a silk turban from a different company. I even tried pinning them on, but all that did was break my hair when I went to pull the pins out. NONE of those would stay on my head because I am such a wild sleeper. One night as I was scrolling Instagram I found an add for Paradise Fold and I’m soo glad I checked it out! My fold is the best! It took me a couple of tries but I finally learned the best way to tie it so that it doesn’t fall off my head. To say I’m impressed is an understatement! Thank you soo much for such an amazing product, and the color is beautiful!

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for believing in us! We're happy to hear that you have found the right product for your hair, we know the troubles! You're most welcome, beautiful hair for the win!
Hugs xx

Phillipa Lang
Yes, my hair is more fragile and fly away as I get older, this tames & saves breakage

I use my fold or turban every night depending on how my hair is styled, fantastic, I just take out any clips etc run my fingers through my hair and I'm good to go. Family and friends have noticed and comented on how it looks and flyaways are not such a problem. All in all very pleased I found Paradise/fold.

Hi Phillipa,
Thrilled to know that your hair is having less breakage and is tamed by using your fold religiously!
Hugs xx

Jennie Small
My hair is so much less frizzy in the morning.

I toss and turn a lot. I was kind of skeptical that it would stay on overnight, but it stays great! My hair looks so much better in the morning with than without.

Hi Jennie,
So pleased that you're happy with your Fold! Less Frizz for the win!
Hugs xx

Superb quality

Have had my ParadiseFold for months now, sleep in it every night. Superb quality down to the label in the front. I it to loop the “straps” as indicated and to keep the urban from sliding forward., it has not loosened or lost a stitch. Fabric and design is beautiful enough to wear out as an accessory.


O/S = One size for all hair types. From short and straight hair, to long and voluminous. Fits all adult female face shapes (approx. 20''-24'').


Wear the Fold over your head and hair keeping the elastic at the back of your neck. Pull out the Fold up encasing all your hair twist away the excess fabric. Seal the Fold and thread the ties through the Paradisefold tag loop to control tightness. Tie in a bow or as desired.

For best results leave your hair out - with this Fold you'll never have a hair-tie kink again. Ensure the tag loop covers the roots of your hair. This will keep your roots protected and the Fold secure.  


You can also wear the Fold as a bandanna. Pull the Fold over your head and forehead; fold over the bulk of the fabric to form a bandanna, then secure with a bow.


  • Body: Two layers 19 momme 6A mulberry silk - naturally hypoallergenic, moisturising and breathable
  • Tag: 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Support sustainable fashion

Our Folds are sustainably designed and hand-made in London in limited quantities, with bespoke prints and natural fabric. We are carbon-positive. This piece is covered by our complementary lifetime care service.  This Fold is carbon positive: Paradisefold captures over two times the Fold’s carbon footprint of 5.7 kgCO₂.  


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