"Having spent over a decade working in international development before becoming a designer, I knew that Paradisefold had to be part of the sustainability solution. That's why we prioritise ethical manufacturing, social sustainability, and having a positive impact on our planet's emissions." Andrea, Founder

Paradisefold counters fast fashion, nurtures strong partnerships with the makers of our products, and demonstrates how brands can be a force for good that contribute to society. We are team of dynamic, diverse and talented humans who believe in the power of individuals and brands to be a force for good and catalyse change in our communities. Paradisefold is the only carbon positive silk care and night wear brand. This means we have helped sequester more carbon than we emit. 

CONTEXT: The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, even more than all international flights and shipping combined. We're countering this by measuring and reducing emissions, and creating a net positive state as a result of our existence! We sequester double any remaining emissions through investing in two types of carbon capture investments: forestation projects on land, and ocean kelp forests. We painstakingly understand, measure and reduce emissions, and with Climacrux Carbon Removed to remove carbon x2 any carbon we emit from the atmosphere.   

CARBON CAPTURE CALCULATIONS: This year, between February 2023 and January 2024, we emitted 41,726 Kg CO2e. On that basis we invested in capturing 83,452kg CO2. This means that, with your help, we achieved the following positive metric of 41,726 Kg CO2.

Alongside investing in forestation, we also invested in olivine stones, biochar, and seawater electrolysis. Here’s a summary of how some of these methods work. At Paradisefold, we invest in all these technologies (on a relatively tiny scale given our size!) to help move them along.

  • Biochar: Biochar enhances soil fertility, retains moisture and sequesters carbon in a stable form for long periods (literally millenia). It is produced by heating waste plant matter at high temperatures without oxygen. This process transforms biomass into a stable form of carbon that can be incorporated into soils. This method takes 2-5 years to be fully delivered and stores carbon for millenia.
  • Seawater Electrolysis: This helps restore ocean health by removing excess carbon dioxide and supports the production of clean energy. It is a process that removes carbon dioxide from the oceans, which naturally absorb it from the atmosphere. The captured carbon dioxide is then used to produce green hydrogen, contributing to carbon removal efforts. This method takes 2-5 years to be fully delivered and stores carbon for millenia.
  • Olivine distribution: Olivine is a mineral that reacts naturally with atmospheric CO2. Over time it reacts with water and air to sequester CO2 and produce stable silicates, helping store carbon for millenia. This method takes 1-2 years to be fully delivered, 50 years to mature, and stores carbon for millenia.
  • Forestation: Planting native trees can naturally sequester carbon dioxide by converting it into biomass, while providing natural ecosystems. We work with partners that plant only native species (no mono-cultures) and ensure that there is no deforestation happening before planting trees. This method dates up to 5 years to be fully delivered and sequesters carbon for decades. A safety buffer is included when planting trees. We double plant and calculate the carbon removal over 5 years. 

Last year, between February 2022 and January 2023 Paradisefold emitted 4,093.64 KgCO₂ end to end, meaning meaning from production all the way through to last mile delivery. We have now invested in capturing over two times that rate, 8,188 kgCO₂, in investing in carbon capture projects. 96% of our capture was directed at forestation projects. 0.7% went into kelp sinking, meaning building kelp forests that capture carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, permanently sequestering CO₂ at the bottom of the ocean. 3% went into Olivine distribution which helps accelerate the natural process of reacting with atmospheric CO₂, sequestering it as stable silicates. 0.2% went into Direct Air Capture and Storage technology, and 0.1% went into bio-oil injections. You can learn more about these technologies here

In our first year of operating, between February 2021 and January 2022, we emitted 2,622 KgCO₂ end-to-end, meaning from production all the way through to last mile delivery. We have now captured over two times that rate (6,000 kgCO₂) through investing in carbon capture projects. 95% of our offsets were directed into forestation projects that remove CO₂ while boosting our lost nature and wildlife, and 5% of our offsets were directed at building kelp forests that capture carbon dioxide in the oceans, through photosynthesis. This CO₂ can be permanently sequestered by sending it to the bottom of the ocean.


Paradisefold is committed sustainable fashion, from selecting biodegradable materials, high-quality and sustainable UK-based production, to product care and repair. This is good for our community and good for our planet.


Paradisefold was launched by a small and diverse group of Arab, Black, White and Asian friends, most of whom met at school in East London. We believe in promoting inclusive fashion, and we believe that brands line ours have the responsibility to move beyond giving back and towards promoting and shaping the world we want to live in.

Paradisefold works with a small number of charities. This year, we're partnering with the London chapter of Dress for Success, a charity that empowers female economic independence worldwide. We also amplify the voices of everyday women making a mark in fashion, finance and athletics through our community events and catalysing dialogue on social platforms. 


We manufacture in the UK using vetted factories with quality labour standards and FSC-certified, recycled and recyclable paper. Our production locations in North London are vetted and spot-checked. Not only do we know the women and men producing Paradisefold garments, we sometimes even get to meet their families!

From fabric to elastic, we source quality material with a preference for fabrics and material that can be reused, recycled or composted. For example, Paradisefold products arrive in compostable mailer bags, sleeves and reusable boxes.


To  promote sustainable consumption, we've designed our silk pieces to be part of your wardrobe for many years to come. This means you can invest in one long-lasting haircare and nightwear to replace all others.

Whether your garment needs mending or elastic needs maintenance, or whether you'd like to adjust the item for your perfect fit, you can send it back and we'll do our best to restore it.

Paradisefold Sustainability