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Tiny Oyster

Beautiful fabric with cleverly designed folds. Can’t wait to use it!

Dali Fold
Jeannie Howard
Wish I would have bought sooner!

I wish I would have discovered the Paradise Fold sooner. The silk is so soft and it is quit comfortabl to wear. The fold not only keeps my long hair soft through the night but it also keeps my hair from strangling me. Tying it so it wouldn't come untied in the night took a few tries, but now it never falls off.

Hi Jeannie, thank you for your review! So happy to hear that the Fold is working out for your long tresses and you was able to find a way that suits you to tie it at night time! Welcome to Paradisefold, healthly hair for the win! Shanelle xx

*NEW* Monochrome
Louise Hall
Replaced and very pleased

Paradise fold replaced my turban as it was too small - the new one is perfect, it fits well, is comfortable to wear all night and very much to my surprise my very dry hair is already looking so much better, less frizzy and shine - I am thrilled, thank you👍

Hi Louise, thank you for your email! We're happy that the benefits of using mulberry silk has made a transformation on your hair! Shanelle xx

It's SO soft and easy to wear! I love that I can wear it as a turban, a wrap, or a headband. It keeps my curls curly, and my hair is no longer frizzy in the morning. Also, if I do not feel like doing my hair, it's adorable enough to wear out in public. It's a yes for me. Hands down.

Hi Kelsey, thank you for your review. So happy to hear that you like the feel of the Mulberry Silk and yes, to no more bad hair days! Bath, bed and beyond - they really are stylish enough to wear outside, i wear mine too! Shanelle xx

Intimacy Tales Fold
This wrap works perfectly and my curls actually look ok the next day.

I love the wrap. I’m still getting used to it some but it’s amazing and exactly what I’ve been looking for. The material is amazing and it actually stays on my head without falling off and with giving me a headache. I’m glad I made the purchase.

Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your review. I am pleased to hear you're happy with your purchase! No bad curl days for the win! Shanelle xx

Intimacy Tales Fold

Intimacy Tales Fold

Hi Emma, thank you for your review. Happy that you like your Intimacy Tales Fold! Shanelle xx


I loved the fold so much that I just bought a second one! No, they aren’t cheap but they are beyond worth it! My curls and waves are so much happier for it and so am I!

Hi KB, thank you so much for your review! Haha, glad that you purchased a second fold! So happy to hear that your curls and waves are much happier! Shanelle xx


Admittedly, I hesitated purchasing this fold because it’s pretty expensive and I never had any luck with silk or satin sleep protection. They would slide right off my head every single night. Not with this one! It stays on all night, is so comfortable, and the prints are gorgeous. 300% worth the money!

Hi K! Thank you for your kind review! We're happy to hear our Fold has stayed on your head all night, that's why we specifically designed it! Haha! Shanelle xx

This is the best product ever!

Hi Kary, thanks for your review! We're happy to hear your Champagne campaign fold is the best product for you! Have an amazing easter weekend xx

Once I got over the learning curve of using my fold I started appreciating the overnight protection for my hair. My multi day hair is easy to lightly and quickly refresh in the morning. I learned to arrange the front of my hair so my part wasn't smashed down by the fold. I also experimented with various tying methods to learn how to secure the fold so that it stayed on all night. Apparently my head is too large to wrap the ties around the back of my head and tie it securely, so I tie is all on top after twisting the extra fabric. Also, I learned that I need to keep my ears out of the fold so that I don't stress my glasses stems and so that my ears don't ache by morning. Overall, I like the quality of purpose of the fold.

Hi Emily, thanks for your review! It can be a challenge to find the best way to tie your Fold. Happy to hear that you was able to figure out a way to wrap, which is best for you. I personally tie mine at the front too! If you do need any adjustments, please do email us as all our products have a lifetime guarantee where we make alterations for free! Shanelle xx

So luxurious & finally a bonnet that looks cute

Hi Christine, thank you for your review! Happy to hear that you find your Fold luxurious and cute! Shanelle xx

Luxurious. Very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.

Hi Amanda, thank you for your review! Happy to hear you're happy with your Fold! Mulberry silk is absolutely luxurious on the skin and hair! Shanelle xx

I will have to order in other colors!!

Hi Cheri, thank you for your review! Happy to hear you'll be ordering more Grips from us! We have loads more colours available! Shanelle xx

Dali Fold

I love how my hair comes out every morning after wearing this wrap!

Hi Cheri, thanks for your review! Happy to hear that using your Fold has made a difference to your hair every morning! Great hair days everyday! Shanelle xx

Dali Fold

This is my second one and it is more beautiful than the first!

Hi Serena, thank you for your review! Glad to hear you like your Fold, we love the Dali print so vibrant and ready for Spring/Summer! Shanelle xx

*NEW* Jet Set Fold
Jaclyn A DeStefano
Worth the price!

The wrap is so comfortable and stays on all night! I've never had both of those things be true at the same time.

Hi Jaclyn, thank you for your review! Happy to hear that your Fold is comfortable and stays on all night! We designed our Folds with comfortability in mind and also to make sure they're secure whilst sleeping! Shanelle xx

Spinning Turban
Jodi Siddoway
No longer wake up to witch hair!

Woke up to beautiful hair for the first time ever! The Paradisefold is worth every penny I spent. Love it 😍

Hi Jodi, thank you for your review! Happy to hear you have woken up with beautiful hair after using your Turban! No witch hair for the win! Haha! Shanelle xx


I used to sleep with my hair in a pineapple and my curls would get stretched out and I’d have to re-wet a few and bounce back into shape. With the paradise fold I can just shake them out and less time fluffing into shape. And surprisingly not hot. I feel nice and cozy and sleep better. Thanks for making such a great product.

Hi Lori, thank you for your review! We're happy to hear you're pleased with not having to do so much maintenance to your curls after using our product! Our silk does help with not being too hot when sleeping right? Happy curls for the win! Shanelle xx


Silky, beautiful and luxurious! Protects my hair and is stylish AF! Customer service is also super!

Hi Amy, thanks for your review, really happy to hear you find that it is luxurious and beautiful! Stylish hair protection for the win! We aim to give the best customer service possible! Grateful for your feedback on this! Shanelle xx

Yes, Absolutely, my hair used to live in a scrunchie all day and night coming out for an occasion...

I love it. My hair stays in my fold all day when working from home but if I need to go out, I just shake it out and my hair is still bouncing with curls naturally. No products needed to revamp. I want to wear my hair down more now as it looks better and better every day between washes. Thank you.
Oh.. and it does stay on in bed, so no more wire wool hair that needs worked on!

Hi Julie, thank your for your review! We're pleased to hear that our fold has stopped you wearing scrunchie all the time and you now use your fold! It's heart warming to hear that you're also feeling more confident with your hair and our product has solved that for you which is one of our main aims! Bouncing curls for the win! Shanelle xx


Hi Amy, thank you for your review! We are pleased to know that you find your Dali Fold stunning! Shanelle xx

I love it….my hair loves it and it stays on while I’m asleep.

Hi Katina, thank you for your review! We’re happy to hear that your hair loves the fold and also stays on at night! Shanelle xx

Intimacy Tales Fold
Rachel Wietelman
Absolutely the best!

I am one of those people who has a weirdly shaped head. I have tried a silk scarf, the children’s sized Buff, and a silk turban from a different company. I even tried pinning them on, but all that did was break my hair when I went to pull the pins out. NONE of those would stay on my head because I am such a wild sleeper. One night as I was scrolling Instagram I found an add for Paradise Fold and I’m soo glad I checked it out! My fold is the best! It took me a couple of tries but I finally learned the best way to tie it so that it doesn’t fall off my head. To say I’m impressed is an understatement! Thank you soo much for such an amazing product, and the color is beautiful!

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for believing in us! We're happy to hear that you have found the right product for your hair, we know the troubles! You're most welcome, beautiful hair for the win!
Hugs xx

Ode to Audrey Fold
Phillipa Lang
Yes, my hair is more fragile and fly away as I get older, this tames & saves breakage

I use my fold or turban every night depending on how my hair is styled, fantastic, I just take out any clips etc run my fingers through my hair and I'm good to go. Family and friends have noticed and comented on how it looks and flyaways are not such a problem. All in all very pleased I found Paradise/fold.

Hi Phillipa,
Thrilled to know that your hair is having less breakage and is tamed by using your fold religiously!
Hugs xx

Intimacy Tales Fold
Jennie Small
My hair is so much less frizzy in the morning.

I toss and turn a lot. I was kind of skeptical that it would stay on overnight, but it stays great! My hair looks so much better in the morning with than without.

Hi Jennie,
So pleased that you're happy with your Fold! Less Frizz for the win!
Hugs xx