2023/2024, Elevate

Effortlessly timeless, functional and elegant prints to transform women's time and created to capture the everyday moments of personal calm, collection and self-care. Sustainable and carbon positive.

For this collection, we have partnered each print with a block caviar-black or oyster-white layer of silk on the other, enabling the hair wraps to be reversed to suit each woman's mood. Sustainably created and made in London, in limited editions. Produced with the highest-quality mulberry silk charmeuse.

Core collection, Rituals

A classic collection inspired by playful, indulgent, luxuriating personal rituals. This collection includes silk haircare, loungewear and accessories in a selection of bespoke, timeless colours.

This collection features flattering bias-cut and French-seamed camisoles and hot-pant-style shorts, and our first collection of hair accessories: silk scrunchies and hair ties. Sustainable and carbon positive.

Launch Collection 2022/2023, Be Seen

In late 2021 Paradisefold launched its fist collection of silk haircare in the aftermath of COVID. The collection helped women achieve healthy, frizz-free and world ready hair, effortlessly. For our launch collection, we developed bold and balanced creations melding five creative prints with two block colours: Inca Gold and Paradise Blue.

Why haircare

Hair plays a big role in how women perceive their value, and women's social and financial outlook. Research has shown that during a 'bad hair day' women perceive capabilities to be significantly lower, feel less confident and less smart.

Our launch collection recognised that, whatever our hair type, women have been overlooked by sleepwear brands who have excluded hair wraps from their collections.

Paradisefold recognises that social norms have placed immense pressure on women (particularly women with textured hair) to conform to stereotypes of ‘good hair’. Our Turbans and Folds are designed to be worn by women from all backgrounds and to move seamlessly from nightwear to day wear, formal, and workwear.

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