*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold
*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold
*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold
*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold
*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold

*NEW* Fragments In Time Fold

Botanical Hepburn-inspured silver and grey hair wraps

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Meet the only chemical-free way to transform your hair, literally overnight. With two layers of pure buttery-smooth mulberry silk, this Fold helps hydrate, nourish and repair your hair while you rest. Now, you can wake up with effortlessly energising, beautiful, healthy hair every morning.

💛 Wake up energised with happy hydrated world-ready hair.
💛 Fight frizz, dryness, loss, thinning and breakage.
💛 Wave goodbye to hair angst and overkill routines.
💛 Improve the quality, look and feel of your hair.
💛 Beautiful buttery silk to wear in bed and on the go! 
🌎 Sustainably handmade in London. Carbon positive.
🌎 Free lifetime care and customisation.
🎁 Free shipping, gift box and easy 30-day returns!

Includes a plain caviar-black silk interior - reverse or style as a wrap and bandanna. 

Only at Paradisefold®.  

“Beautiful hair wrap and the first one which had actually stayed on all night - worth every penny as it actually does what it says it will - lovely customer service as well." - Felicity

“Just love the feel of this on my head, it keeps my curls bouncy & shiny with no frizz at all. LOVE it.” - Barbara 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
No regrets buying this silk wrap from ParadiseFold

This is quite a luxury product and I ummed and ahhed for ages before finally ordering it, and I'm so glad I did - absolutely no regrets.

1. Works as a de-frizzer to keep your style longer
I've got thick but fine hair and I am prone to frizz. I can genuinely say my hair looks better in the morning than it did immediately after blow drying. This saves time and if you find styling your hair difficult is a fantastic result.

2. It's a beautiful item
I asked for advice whether to buy a wrap or turban. I went for the wrap because it offers more flexibility in how it is worn and is suitable for longer and shorter hair. The silk is beautifully and there is great care on how it has been made. They also offer a free alteration if you need any adjustments.

3. It's really comfortable
This is something I didn't expect. As well as staying on securely all night it's just really luxurious next to your skin. It seems to work if it's warm or cold. If you had a hospital stay or chemotherapy this would be nice to take with you.

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review and your beautiful picture! Delighted you're enjoying and benefitting from your Fold! Give us a shout if you need anything at all xx

Janelle Kucsera
Stays On All Night

I have the unfortunate combination of a big head, a lot of hair, and the tendency to toss and turn all night long. Every other scarf and turban I've tried has fallen off of my head during the night but NOT THIS ONE! I was hesitant to spend so much not knowing if this would end up being the same but I've been pleasantly surprised. I've already started wearing my hair down more often than usual because it's less of a mess in the morning. A+, Paradise Fold.

Hi Janelle, thanks SO much for taking the time to leave this review! I'm so delighted that your Fold has been helping you manage your hair and has been an all-night kinda partner! ;) Big hugs from the Paradisefold team! xx

Oh. My. Curls!

I can't quite believe how well my Paradise Fold works!? I have tried two silk turbans previously (from other brands) and they didn't fit particularly well, and would always fall off during the night. I did my research and took the plunge with the Fold and I AM SO GLAD I DID. The silk is delicious and generous and the ties mean you can get the perfect fit. After the first night of blissful zero-curls-in-my-face sleep the Fold was still in perfect position and my hair was so damn soft and well defined I could hardly believe it. Worth every single penny. In fact... time to save up for a second one!

Hi Imogen, thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a review! We're so delighted you're happy with your new Fold! Can't wait to see what you pick next! :) xxxx

Fiona Hood
Excellent customer service

I ordered a turban which arrived promptly but I quickly realised I had ordered the wrong thing. I contacted Paradisefold to ask for an exchange and was surprised to receive a reply over the Easter weekend.
My exchange was dealt with quickly and efficiently and I now have my wrap which I am really excited to start using. Beautiful quality and prints. Thank you so much. One happy customer x

Hi Fiona, thanks so much for takin gthe time to leave a review! So delighted you're happy with the product and our service! Hope to see you again soon! xxx

Brilliant customer service

I bought the fold (hair wrap) and I am really pleased with it. I have been searching for a genuine silk wrap or turban for years and finally I can say my search is over. Andrea has been very helpful and her Communication is top notch. I can’t wait to order another one.

Hi Rhoda, thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a review! It means a lot and we're delighted you're happy with your Fold and Turbans! The third wrap (the turban) should be on its way tomorrow! Will email you an update xxx

Alexis S
Comfortable and luxurious

On purchasing the fold, I found it was too large. I contacted Andrea and within days my fold was picked up, altered and sent back. Excellent customer service! My fold fits fabulously now, and thanks to the video Andrea sent me, it takes me no time at all to pop it on at bedtime. My hair is amazing in the morning. This is an investment to ensure your hair is well looked after, reducing breakage and definitely puts an end to 'bed head' hair.

Hi Alexis, thanks so much for this lovely review! Delighted that you're now pleased with the fit! Contact us if you need anything else xx


O/S = One size for all hair types. From short and straight hair, to long and voluminous. Fits all adult female face shapes (approx. 20''-24'').


Wear the Fold over your head and hair keeping the elastic at the back of your neck. Pull out the Fold up encasing all your hair twist away the excess fabric. Seal the Fold and thread the ties through the Paradisefold tag loop to control tightness. Tie in a bow or as desired.

For best results leave your hair out - with this Fold you'll never have a hair-tie kink again. Ensure the tag loop covers the roots of your hair. This will keep your roots protected and the Fold secure.  


You can also wear the Fold as a bandanna. Pull the Fold over your head and forehead; fold over the bulk of the fabric to form a bandanna, then secure with a bow.


  • Body: Two layers 19 momme 6A mulberry silk - naturally hypoallergenic, moisturising and breathable
  • Tag: 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Support sustainable fashion

Our Folds are sustainably designed and hand-made in London in limited quantities, with bespoke prints and natural fabric. We are carbon-positive. This piece is covered by our complementary lifetime care service.  This Fold is carbon positive: Paradisefold captures over two times the Fold’s carbon footprint of 5.7 kgCO₂.  


  • Complimentary shipping.
  • Easy 30-day returns
  • Orders placed after 12pm will be fulfilled the following working day. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday are fulfilled on Monday.


Who are the hair wraps for?

Absolutely everyone! Paradisefold silk wraps are used by women the world order to help optimise morning routines, protect hair on the go, and help improve hair quality, texture, condition, length and health.

Paradisefold silk wraps are suitable for all women, from short straight hair, to long voluminous curls and coils (1A to 4C hair). We have designed these wraps for day and night-time use, at home or outside. We know that hair needs differ and that's why our wraps come in different sizes and styles. Use the wraps to protect your hair at night, wear outdoors, around the house, grow your hair, or stop your hair from breaking or drying out.

Hair wrapping benefits all women who want to spend less time and emotional energy on their hair. Specifically, women with treated (dyed or highlighted hair) wavy, curly and coily hair, as well as women experiencing changes in hair texture (for example, due to menopause) or hair thinning / loss due to stress or another medical reason can also particularly benefit from hair wrapping!

What are the benefits of pure silk over polyester satin?

Silk hair wraps are far superior to polyester satin. Silk is a natural protein fibre that has a smooth and soft texture that is gentle on hair. Silk hair wraps are great for reducing hair breakage, frizz, and split ends by preventing hair from rubbing against harsh fabrics. Unlike general / polyester satin, silk is hypoallergenic and doesn't cause irritation to sensitive scalps. Additionally, silk is breathable and helps to regulate temperature, which is beneficial for reducing scalp sweat and oil production. Silk hair wraps also help to preserve hair styles, prevent tangles, reduce loss, and maintain moisture balance. Overall, using a silk hair wrap can promote happier, healthier hair and a better night's sleep.

Why does having double-lined silk matter?

Most hair wrap brands offer turbans with only one silk layer. This means that the shiny silk layer is on the outside, and only the rough layer is against your head and hair. This defeats the object and limits the benefit that your hair wrap will have on your hair. We recommend always investing In a double-lined silk turban so you can experience the full benefits of the silk. Always ensure that any turban you buy is clearly labelled "double lined" or "reversible". 

Are silk pieces washable?

We recommend dry cleaning Mulberry Silk to keep the shiny finish. You may also choose to hand or machine wash the items, but never soak the wraps. Only machine wash on a cold cycle with like colours and with appropriate silk-friendly detergent. You know the drill! If you wash at home, we recommend gently steaming or ironing your silk goodies - this helps keep the shiny finish and soften / maintain the fibre, prolonging its lifespan.

What is your Lifetime Care service?

To promote sustainable fashion, Paradisefold hair wraps come with a Lifetime Care service provided to anyone who join our Loyalty programme. Our Lifetime Care service entitles you to free repairs and reasonable adjustments to your wrap, for example, replacing the elastic / tie loop, or making the elastic longer or shorter so that you get the perfect fit. If you damage the product, we'll also do our best to repair it all for free. To activate this service, go to our FAQ or Terms pages.

How often should I replace my wrap?

With two layers of high-quality silk and a lifetime care service, we want these wraps to last you a lifetime! Change your wrap when you’d like to change your look.